Monday, September 19, 2011

96 Ford windstar red brake light on dash?

I need to have my car inspected. The guy at the inspection station said that the ABS light being on wouldn't make it fail but the Brake light being on would. Both lights are on. I had the fluid checked and its full, so that's not the problem. When I went to have my oil changed today I asked the mechanic who did it and he said it's probably a bad sensor which I would have to order from the dealer because I can't get it at an auto parts store. Is it really likely that its a bad sensor? My brothers know how to do breaks and stuff and are going to help me out this weekend hopefully, they'll do a work up and make sure it's not something else. How much does it cost for a sensor and how much would a mechanic charge me if I had to have it done by a professional? I want to do this as cheaply as possible. Is it possible to do it yourself?96 Ford windstar red brake light on dash?An ABS sensor is held on by an allen screw. Its really not that difficult to replace.

They are expensive though.

Try to see if you can get it aftermarket before going to the dealer.96 Ford windstar red brake light on dash?If it is just a wheel speed sensor then no they are not that expensive or hard to change. Make sure you determine which one is bad first and then it's just a matter of removing and replacing it. And you can often times get those from an auto parts chain store cheaper than a dealer.
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