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What is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?

I have a 1997 Nissan Altima. The battery %26amp; alternator were changed recently. Battery has tested good. I also had a recent tuneup. My car will sometimes die while idling. When the car does die, the following lights turn on the dashboard: E-brake, oil light, %26amp; battery. I suspect the fuel pump is going bad because it will sometimes choke while accelerating. I have to rev the engine while in Neutral to keep the car from dying. What do you think? Also, how much should a repair be?What is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?fuel throttle or air sensor one of the two, good luck mate.What is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?go to authorized service in nissan

if some parts need to replace

replace OriginalWhat is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?I would Look into checking your fuel Filter. Sometimes they get stuffed up and don't let enough gas through unless you've got your foot on the gas.What is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?Could be a number of things. Sounds like carbon build-up in some of your emission control sensors. That is a lot more common these days with ethanol enriched fuel. If you can, find a gas station that has no ethanol in it's gas. That should help some. Also, go to one of the chain auto parts stores and ask for %26quot;Sea-Foam%26quot; fuel additive. It works really good at cleaning your fuel system and displacing water in your fuel. I would try that first before running up a big mechanics bill. Good luck.What is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?reset the throttle bodyWhat is wrong with my car? Engine shuts off when idiling...?it can be the throttle, and that might cost you about 150 bucks

Red Light Camera Tickets?

I was braking because of a red light and I thought one of my passenger said I needed to make a right to go onto the freeway at this light so before stopping full way, I changed lanes over to make a right only to enter into a shopping plaza. I didn't know there were cameras there, but I saw them flash. Would I get a ticket for that and how much would it be?Red Light Camera Tickets?Off the top of my head you could be citied if:

Right turn on red is prohibited

A traffic lane violation occurred.

If you failed to stop fully at the intersection prior to turning.

Fines vary by state and county, you would have to check that locally.Red Light Camera Tickets?you didn't get ticket

how much depends on where you are and the judgeRed Light Camera Tickets?First rule in life--DON'T WORRY ABOUT STUFF UNTIL IT HAPPENS. SECOND---decide your route before you leave--and if you find out you have to change your route--do it safely--up the road. You know the judge won't believe YOUR story--he will tell you what i just told you--then fine you. I don't know if you will see a ticket--but if you do--consider it a lesson in life. If you are dirving--then YOU are responsible for the safe handling of your car. OK???

Is a 2010 Nissan GTR V-Spec a certainty?

I was thinking of picking up a 2009 Nissan GTR as a track car, however, with all the rumors about a lighter version coming out in 2010 I may wait. Since I will use the car mainly on track, it wouldn't make sense to buy the GTR if the V-spec comes out soon after. Is it, however, a certainty that we will get the V-spec here in the US? Also, does anyone know any details regarding the car, I am particularly interested in the amount of weight savings, hp increase, suspension/brake changes, whether it will have rare seats, how much lighter it will be (some sources claim 150lbs lighter, others 300lbs), etc. Also, what will the price premium be over the standard GTR?

ThanksIs a 2010 Nissan GTR V-Spec a certainty?A newer model is set to come out over the next couple of years with a better performance and gadgets.

spec atm

Manufacturer Nissan

Production 2007-present

Assembly Tochigi, Tochigi, Japan

Predecessor Nissan Skyline GT-R

Body style(s) 2-door coup茅

Layout Front engine, four-wheel drive

Platform Premium Midship

Engine(s) 3.8L VR38DETT twin-turbo V6

Transmission(s) 6-speed dual clutch automated manual[2]

Wheelbase 2780 mm (109.4 in)

Length 4655 mm (183.3 in)

Width 1895 mm (74.6 in)

Height 1370 mm (53.9 in)

Curb weight 1740 kg (3836 lb)

Designer Shiro Nakamura

US Prices start at $66,675 for the base model, $68,580 for the Black Edition (with forged wheels and black/red leather) and $71,900 for the Premium edition (forged wheels, beige leather seats, Bose premium speakers and a Thatcham alarm as standard fit).

Nissan claims a top speed of 310 km/h (193 mph) and various sources have achieved 0-97 km/h (0-60 mph) times of between 3.3 and 3.8 seconds[18][19][20]. achieved a standing 1/4-mile time of 11.6 s at 190 km/h (118 mph) using the GT-R's complex launch control system. Edmunds also speculated that faster times may be achievable on better road conditions than provided by the runway which they used for the test.[21] Evo magazine achieved a 0-100-0 mph time of 13.9 seconds, one tenth of a second quicker than a Corvette Z06 tested under identical conditions .

The GT-R has been reported by both the automotive press and sources within Nissan as being harder to modify than the previous Skyline GT-Rs, due to the supposedly %26quot;untuneable%26quot; ECU, drivetrain accessories, and the design of the turbochargers (which have been integrated into exhaust manifolds). Nissan has also safeguarded the car against modification with sensors alerting the dealer of any performance modifications and nullifying the warranty. However, it has been reported that Nissan has given access to the car to select tuners. Central 20,[34] Mine's, MCR,[35] HKS, and Top Secret have been seen testing modified GT-Rs with the former two having conducted tests at the Tsukuba Circuit.[36]

In a review by Motor Trend editor Scott Kanemura, it was revealed that GPS system fitted to the GT-R would remove the 180-kilometer per hour (112 mph) speed limiter when the car arrives at a race track, but only on tracks approved by Nissan. In addition, the GPS sensor doesn't automatically remove the limiter by itself, it has to be manually changed by navigating through a series of menus on the GT-R's touch screen. After leaving the track, owners are required to head on over to a Nissan High Performance Center where a $1000 safety check is performed to avoid losing the warranty. A sensor mounted on the valve stem, causes an error code to appear if the GT-R is driven with aftermarket wheels. Modification to the intake system also causes problems with the ECU. However, Nissan confirmed the GPS check is not implemented in American models.

The car itself went on to win the opening race of the 2008 Super GT season at Suzuka scoring a one-two finish for Nissan.[30] The dominant performance of the GT-R has led to speculation that restrictions will be imposed on the car to allow for more competition.

diff vid than first one.

Physics questionsssssssss?

1. After shooting a cannonball, a cannon recoils with a much lower velocity than the cannonball. This is primarily because, compared to the cannonball, the cannon has a

a. much greater mass

b. smaller amount of momentum

c. greater kinetic energy

d. smaller force applied to it

2. A mechanic used a hydraulic lift to raise a 12054N car 1.89m above the floor of the garage. It took a 4.75s to raise the car. What was the power output of the lift.

a. 489W

b. 1815W

c. 4796W

d. 30294W

3. A horizontal force of 600N is used to push a box 8m across a room. Which of theses variables must be known to determine the power used in moving the box.

a. the weight of the box

b. the potential energy of the box

c. the time it takes to move the box

d. the length of the box

4. Only 10% of the electrical energy operating a light bulb is changed into visible light . Which instrument helps identify the energy change occurring the most of the 90% remaining?

a. triple beam balance

b. thermometer

c. magnifying glass

d. prism

5. An advertisement claims that a certain truck has the most powerful engine In the class. If the engine has more power, which of the following can the truck engine do, compared to every other engine. In its class.

a. produce fewer emissions

b. operate more efficiently

c. perform work faster

d. accelerate longer

6. Which of these is an advantage of producing electricity using solar power plants rather than using coal fired power plants.

a. solar power plants can operate for about 10 hours per day

b. solar power plants can produce variable amounts of energy

c. solar power plants produce fewer pollutants

d. solar power plants requires continuous sunlight.

7. Which of these devices uses the suns energy directly

a. windmill

b. hydroelectric dam

c. nuclear power plant

d. photovoltaic cell

8. A leaf from an apple tree falls to the ground more slowly than an apple falls. As an explanation of this observation, the ancients Greeks theory of natural place has been replaced by a more recent theory involve gravitational force and

a. atomic weight

b. inertial mass

c. air resistance

d. kinetic energy

9. The typical automobiles kinetic energy is converted to heat energy when the brakes are applied. A braking system that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy instead of heat energy has been designed. The electrical energy can be used later to move the car again. How does a system like this benefit the environment?

a. greater use of solar energy

b. ability to harness wind energy

c. decreased use of fossil fuels

d. use of renewable hydroelectricity

10. A woman lifts a 57-N weight distance of 40 cm. each time she does a particular exercise. It takes her .60 seconds to lift the weight. How much power does the supply for lifting the weight one time

a. 24 W

b. 34 W

c. 38 W

d. 95 W

11. A researcher determined the percentage of electrical energy transformed into different forms of energy by a toaster. The best way to communicate these results is to display the data using a

a. histogram

b. circle graph

c. line graph

d. box-whisker graphPhysics questionsssssssss?That's all the questions in your take home quiz. Why not open the textbook and read on it? You'll actually learn better than just getting answers from the Y!A.

With the amount of time it took you to type this up, you would've probably found a couple of the answers by skimming through the book.Physics questionsssssssss?Did you seriously type all of that? By that time i would of been done with all the questions. -_-
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  • 96 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Electrical Problems. SO MANY QUESTIONS...?

    Ok so When i first bought the explorer only one headlight worked on low, both did on high beam. The brake lights worked fine a month ago when i bought it too. Recently my brake lights stopped working all at once. So i checked fuses replaced brake switch and changed bulbs. None of that did anything. So now i am driving without brake lights and i hate it. Anyways well the back windows dont roll down from the back seat door button. i can roll them down from driver seat. Ok well two electrical problems so far. Well today i was driving and my headlight on the driver side went out and the other one will only work on Bright. I got new HID's that i want to install but to me this car sounds like it has major electrical problems. What can i do to fix these problems and how much do you think a shop would charge and how long it would take to fix these issues. What do you think is causing the issues? Thank You96 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Electrical Problems. SO MANY QUESTIONS...?Check all grounds under the hood, also does it have the lamp fault indactor in the lower center console? If so it may be bad, seen drinks spilled and short it out

    I drive a 2001 Ford Taurus, is all this recommended auto work necessary?

    A few days ago I took my '01 Taurus into the dealership for an oil change and had asked them to check my brakes because I suspected I needed new brake pads.

    After the oil change, the auto guy called me and said that my brake pads were all down to 1mm and that I may also need to replace one front rotor.

    I called a few days later to get a quote for those replacements and the gal said she would type up a quote pulling the information from what was put in my file.

    My jaw dropped to the floor when all of the following was included on my quote:

    -Both front brake pads (expected)

    -Both rear brake pads (expected)

    -Front rotors (est. $198)

    -Rear drums (est. $215)

    -Rear shoes (est. $58)

    -Wheel cylinders (est. $104)

    -Hardware kit (est. $14)

    -Labor estimated to be 3.8 hrs and charge of $272

    Background on my car:

    - 2001 Ford Taurus SES with 89,700 miles. All new tires last fall, always keep up on oil changes, all fluid levels, etc. Last fall my rear springs were replaced and I had to replace the timing belt gasket after a leak had started prior. The auto guy on the phone this week said, %26quot;everyone was impressed at how well you take care of your car. It's in perfect condition, except your brakes are low.%26quot;

    There are NO leaks of brake fluid (or any fluid from beneath the hood or from the rear).

    I know that sometimes rotors warp and have to be replaced, I've read that between 100,000-150,000 miles the rear drums MAY need to be replaced, and if your brake fluid is leaking, your wheel cylinders may need to be replaced.

    My brake light never came on and there are no leaks. Should all of this auto work be necessary?- really? Or is the autobody trying to take me for another $940 bill?

    Please HELP if you can!! I have some driving trips coming up this summer and need to get whatever fixed as soon as possible, but don't want to be charged an arm and a leg if it's not necessary.

    THANK YOU in advance!!!I drive a 2001 Ford Taurus, is all this recommended auto work necessary?First and foremost, there is no way your brake pads are down to only 1mm thick so the dude is off his rocker from the get go. Not only would the brake pad lining break up well before that point (relatively brittle stuff) but the metal studs that the brake lining is sintered (manufacturing process) around to help hold it to the metal backing of the pad would have long been exposed to the rotor and your car would have been making ungodly noises every time you hit the brake as the metal studs dug into the metal rotor face which you made no mention of in your posted question so im assuming thats not the case

    -Front rotors (est. $198) - maybe, but there are two easy ways to check. run your finger along the rotor and feel for grooves...grooves being present will eat the new pads up at a much faster rate than a flat surface. Another way to check is most rotors have a minimum thickness specification cast into them somewhere. You can check this with calipers or even a ruler if need be. If the rotor is too thin, there is not enough metal present to handle the massive heat generated by braking and they are much more prone to warpage

    -Rear drums (est. $215) - negative. Drum brake setups dont stop as well as discs but typically last FOREVER. You could also check the drums with the groove test I mentioned earlier. I had an 88 Bronco II that I put drums/brake shoes on that lasted 150k+ miles before they needed replacing

    -Rear shoes (est. $58) - same as above...should not need replacing unless you drive like you are Mario freaking Andretti

    -Wheel cylinders (est. $104) - typically the only reason to replace these is because they are leaking fluid. Take a flashlight and look for leaks on the inside face of the tire and back side of the axle flange (end of the axle housing where the rotor sits) assembly. Or does a 01 Taurus have IRS? I dont remember...either way brake fluid doesnt evaporate quickly at all so more than likely you would be able to see residue or some leftover evidence of a leak if one or both are bad. If you see fluid leaking out they need replacing. If your master cylinder stays full and you arent adding fluid, chances are they are fine

    -Hardware kit (est. $14) - probably the springs and such that go with the new drum shoe setup but Im not exactly sure to comment reliably on this unless i knew exactly what it is

    -Labor estimated to be 3.8 hrs and charge of $272 - sounds about do they sleep at night?! :)

    Good luck with your choice and hope your car lasts for many more miles!I drive a 2001 Ford Taurus, is all this recommended auto work necessary?Only authorize replacement of the brake shoes, brake pads, only cut the rotors and drums, do not replace the wheel cylinders, only bleed them, do not replace the rotors unless they are indeed not true, Replace hardware kit for drums.

    you can check all the intprices at just browse like the internetI drive a 2001 Ford Taurus, is all this recommended auto work necessary?First of all look at your quote. You are not going to have rear pads and shoes, its one or the other. Your car has rear drums and shoes.

    ALWAYS replace rotors in pairs, if you don't you may get braking issues due to the rotor surfaces not being the same. If the rotors are not rusted too bad they may be able to resurface them instead of replacing them.

    I have seen a lot of wheel cylinders freeze up or leak. Ask them to show you why it needs to be replaced.

    Always a good idea to replace the hardware kit when doing rear shoes. If you don't you take the chance of a spring rusting and breaking that will create more problems. They may be able to resurface the drums if not under spec.

    Remove the rear rotors and pads from your quote and recalculate.

    any questions feel free to contact me.

    How valuable is a Royale Fugi?

    I have a blue royale fuji. accordiing to my research it is arround the mid-1980s. i heard couple people saying it is a antique could be worth a lot of money. is it? if yes how much. i am currently fixing her up. changing the wheels, and the is a light blue 27 inch wheels, 12 speed, and made in Japan (no surprise).

    Thank you in AdvanceHow valuable is a Royale Fugi?A bicycle's worth, whether antique or not, is what a buyer would be willing to pay.

    Bicycle's depreciation value is much worse than cars.

    Your Royale %26quot;fugi%26quot; or fuji is a piece of junk, unless you make good use of it.

    Use it for commuting or working out after you get it fixed.

    Because more than likely, you will have a difficult time looking for someone willing to buy it from you.

    good luck.How valuable is a Royale Fugi?Nothing special. Just a touring bike, probably a decent lugged steel frame. Heavy by today's standards, but bulletproof.

    You may have some trouble finding tires, which is why you probably mentioned changing wheels. Everything now has standardized on 700c.